Pinwheels For Peace

As many of you may already know September 21st is International Peace Day, and Pinwheels for Peace is recognized as a project celebrating this day. As a community Lexington Montessori has participated in this event for the last 9 years, allowing our children to handcraft pinwheels that define what peace means to them. Pinwheels for Peace started as an installation art project in 2005, by Anne Ayers, a teacher at Monarch High School in Florida. That first year 500,000 pinwheels were planted, now each year over 4 million pinwheels are planted! How amazing is it that our students are able to be counted in that number each year?

It is the hope of the creating artist that these spinning pinwheels will spread kind thoughts and feelings of peace throughout the world. Pinwheels were chosen as a symbol of childhood at a time of hope and joy, and ideally a reminder of when things were peaceful for all of us. I do believe you will feel the air of lightness surrounding LMS as the children join their annual walk to Starbucks to plant pinwheels for the whole city to see. Next year will be our 10th year celebrating at LMS so be on the lookout for more information on how we plan to make this anniversary special.

Sarah Slone, LMS Parent Board