LMS News to Know 10/3/2019


October 3rd and 4th: NO SCHOOL Fall Break

October 8: Scholastic Book orders due in the office by 9 am

October 15th: Dutch Mill Bulb orders due in office by 9 am

October 16th: Caring Costumes due in office by 9 am

October 18th: Harvest Festival on the playground

November 14: Autumn Program 6:30 pm (details to come)

November 15: Shop With Scrip physical card orders due in office by 9 am (only Nov. order)

November 22: Last day before Thanksgiving break~ 2:45 pm dismissal NO AFTER SCHOOL

November 25-29: Thanksgiving Holiday

December 6: Parents Night Out 5:30-8:30 pm (details below)

December 10: Shop With Scrip physical card orders due in office by 9 am (only Dec. order)

December 18: Last day before Winter break~ 2:45 pm dismissal NO AFTER SCHOOL

December 19: Winter break begins

January 6: School resumes


LMS will be hosting a Fall Harvest Festival on Friday, October 18th from 5:30pm-8:00pm on the playground. We invite students and their family to enjoy an evening of fall fun. We will have lots of activities, food, and special treats available, plus a number of raffle fundraising items, including the ever popular, Teacher Time raffle.
Fall Fun, $10 per child admission fee:

• Musical Haybales

• Pumpkin Painting

• Face Painting

• Carnival Games

Raffle Tickets: $1

Raffle tickets will be available for pre-order and for purchase at the event. Raffle items include gift baskets from local restaurants and vendors, as well as Teacher Time! You do not have to be present to win.

Dinner (must be pre-ordered):

Pizza, cheese or pepperoni, available by the slice, or whole

Fall Treats: $1

• Popcorn, available for purchase at the event

• Caramel apple slices, available for purchase at the event



Attached is the Outreach Wish List mentioned in the email you received regarding our food service project. When viewing the list you will note that some items are listed as “high priority” however please do not feel obligated to select those first unless you feel inclined to. Those labels are more for me as I’m organizing so that I can keep the resource center updated on anything we may need to have them cover.

Also, as much as we are honored to know we have truly the most giving parents we do not want anyone to feel obligated! We have attempted to make the items cheaper than your weekly Starbucks bill however we do have a Plan B in place. The goal for this project was to get the children in service in their community.

A few suggestions we received:

Please try to stick to the list. This safeguards that we meet their dietary guidelines, and insures that as much as possible we create equality (especially should we have a sibling group we would not want one sibling to get caviar while the other got Ramen noodles).

You do not have to buy from Amazon if you find it cheaper elsewhere we just ask that you come back to the list and mark the item/quantity that was purchased elsewhere, and let us know via email (either to the school or myself) so we know who to expect it from.

The list is set up to deliver directly to LMS Monday through Friday, if you purchased elsewhere and would like to have it delivered please make sure the delivery does not occur over a weekend or holiday.

If you would like to purchase the fresh fruit items (these were one of the most requested items) please go ahead and mark those as purchased, list your name then set a reminder for yourself to actually purchase those closer to the drop off date (October 14th for this upcoming month) that way those items stay fresh.

This wish list will change each month to offer variety to the kiddos, please do not feel that you have to buy in bulk or purchase more than the quantity requested. However if for example over the upcoming month you find a shelf stable food item at an unbelievable cost and you would like to purchase those please feel free to do so then shoot me an email (sarahslonelpcc@gmail.com)with the item that you purchased and I will not include those on the next month’s “menu” . That is not to say you have to purchase all 29 so for example if you found macaroni and cheese on an amazing deal and you felt inclined to purchase 29 of them wonderful! Let me know and there will be one less lunch item on our wish list the following month. In that same regard if you found an amazing deal but we’re only able to purchase 15 also just as wonderful shoot me an email and on the next months wish list I will only request 14 of those items.

Obviously 29 is an odd number and we may have overage, due to limited storage space at the Montessori those items will be donated to the school resource center for those students who perhaps stay after school for sports/clubs etc. and might benefit from an additional snack. Yet we will make every effort to be good stewards of your donation if the quantity is large enough, for example say we have 20 juice boxes left over a committee member will store those for use the upcoming month.

If my attempt to make this simple has created any confusion please feel free to email me and I will attempt to clarify (sarahslonelpcc@gmail.com).

Again thank you in advance for raising your children with such compassion. The children are more excited to get the ball rolling and have already had some amazing families reach out to see how they can help we appreciate each and everyone of you!

~LMS Social Committee~

Without further ado here is our October outreach wish list:



Our website now has a feature for parent involvement opportunities! One of the new possibilities with parent involvement is to be a guest contributor to our LMS Family Blog Post. We would love to have volunteers write a "blog" anytime we have an event or even if there is something you would like to share about LMS. Write ups will be sent to Ms. Tucker for approval and then posted on the website. This is a wonderful way for parents to be part of what is happening at LMS while showing families that are looking for a school how our parents are involved. Currently we are looking for someone to write a blog about Pinwheels for Peace and the Primary field trip to the orchard scheduled for October 3rd. If you would be interested in being a contributor please contact Ms. Tucker!