our mission statement

Lexington Montessori School strives to provide a high quality, Montessori-based education for children in preschool through sixth grade.  Our goal is to encourage full realization of each child’s potential and capabilities.

Lexington Montessori School (LMS) is an independent Montessori school. The teachers at LMS are all trained and certified Montessori teachers, committed to the school’s mission of serving the whole child, allowing the child to develop as a complete person, and encouraging the full realization of the child’s potential and capabilities.

LMS strives to follow the central precepts of the Montessori method in several ways:

The faculty is committed to an understanding and implementation of Montessori theory that is exemplified by the high level of specialization and training among the teaching staff.

The classroom environments are well equipped with developmentally-appropriate didactic materials which are Montessori-designed or fit within the scope of Montessori theory.

The teachers make available numerous enrichment activities that extend beyond the classroom and broaden the spectrum of study for the students.

Using this multifaceted base of educational experience, Lexington Montessori School is committed to maximizing the individual potential of each child as he/she develops the self-reliance, self-image, and personal responsibility necessary to create the peaceful world Maria Montessori envisioned.

The Lexington Montessori School faculty, administration, and school board recognize the extremely important role the family has in the development of the child. We will continue to work enthusiastically with parents in our quest to serve each child’s needs.

For a complete list of questions and answers regarding a Montessori education, please visit our FAQ page.

One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child.
— Maria Montessori