Lexington Montessori School hosts a number of school-sponsored social events over the course of the school year. In August we host an annual Back To School Picnic at one of our local parks. We typically host a family event, the Fall Harvest Festival, in September or October. In the spring, we usually host an adults-only event; in year’s past it’s been an adults night out and silent auction.

We usually offer a “Parents Night Out” a few times a year; our teachers will entertain kids at school for a few hours on a Friday night so parents can enjoy an evening out, or just time to yourself, kid-free! A minimum number of participants are required to host the event; details about dates, time, and cost will be shared once they are decided.

Parents are encouraged to join the Facebook group “LMS Parents,” a closed community page, where followers must be approved by our Head of School in order to join. The purpose of this group is to give our families a way to share fun things you’re doing that other LMS families might enjoy. For example, you may post that you’re going to the park on a particular day, or attending community event, and would like to meet up with other families.

The group is intended to be a tool for our families to connect in a fast, efficient way. The activities posted will not be "approved" by LMS. There may be events posted that do not fit your family’s preferences, and we ask that you simply pass on those and look for activities that better suit your family. Our hope is that this provides a way for our families to be social outside of the school in a more community-like approach.

Occasionally, parents who serve on LMS Parent Committees will post information, updates, and photos relating to school-sponsored events the LMS Parents page because it’s a private group (as opposed to the LMS Facebook page, which is public). All school-sponsored events will be shared through the weekly News To Know.